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  • All rates on this page are in USD (US Dollars).
  • All jobs will be subject to a contract.
  • In typical scenarios half the amount will be due when the contract is signed, the remainder upon submission of the completed job (though payment plans are also possible.)
  • Delivery time can vary greatly depending on word length and difficulty, but in most cases it will range between 20 days and 3 months (a month being the average). A more specific timeframe will be given in the contract.


    How much a translation will cost can vary based on a number of factors, including text length, difficulty and timeframe.

    !!! PROMOTION !!!

    Since I'm launching a new business, I've decided to run a special promotion for a full year. During this time, I will offer my translation services for a fixed rate of $3000 (USD) per novel of up to 120 000 target words* (+ 3c for any target word* above that).

    Depending on your book's length, that can be anywhere between a 30% and 47% discount!

    This would allow you to test the French market for a lower price while still benefitting from a professional translation.

    OFFER VALID UNTIL: October 6, 2021

    * Add +20% to your book's word count to obtain an estimate of the translation's word count.

    As a rough guideline, I typically charge 8c per target word.

    Promotional material can be included in the package if you need that extra service.

    For a free quote, please provide a sample chapter from your book as well as the total word count.

    NOTE: While I do perform reviewing and editing as I work on the translation, I do not provide proofreading services at this time. I could theoretically do it myself, but this is not advisable. It is typically best to have a third party (ie fresh eyes) handle the proofreading.


    As the name suggests, this is a line-by-line dissection of your text, highlighting problems in style, spelling, dialogues, phrasing, etc.

    Fair warning: it can be a brutal process, but it's a necessary one for any writer who truly wants to improve their craft.

    I can provide this service for 3c per word.

    An additional fee may be billed if the project is riddled with errors and thus more time-consuming.

    To avoid this, you should review and spellcheck your own work as much as possible.

    For a free quote, please provide a sample chapter from your book as well as the total word count.


    You wrote a book but are unhappy with it? You feel it lacks something but can't figure out what? I can help you with that.

    I have a strong knowledge of the SF/Fantasy genres and a vivid imagination. My experience in the publishing industry has also given me a good sense of structure and rhythm.

    I charge 2c per word for this service.

    After reading your book, I will provide you with a detailed memo going over all aspects of your book that I feel can be improved, with advice on how to do just that.

    This can cover topics such as plot structure, character development, theme integration, consistency, character voice, pacing and much more.

    For a free quote, please provide your total word count.

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