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Alex S. Garcia

Science-Fiction / Fantasy
writer - translator - lyricist

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On a planet where gods walk among men, and where ancient artifacts are hidden under every rock, a historian and a magician try to understand the secrets of an alien mask grafted on a stone wall.

"Everlife" is an epic Science-Fantasy adventure, filled with magic, action, mystery, and intrigue.

You can get my debut novel through various online retailers. A paperback version is also available, through Amazon exclusively (other platforms will soon follow).


In a post-apocalyptic world, a haunted man tracks a killer into the ruins of an alien spaceship... only to uncover a well-hidden secret from the past that threatens humanity's future.

This was one of the first stories I wrote in English, back in 1996, and it has been sleeping in my hard drive ever since.

The short story is available as a free download for anyone who subscribes to my newsletter.


An epic fantasy novella featuring Reikk--a character I created in the 90's that has been haunting me ever since. It's not the first story I write about him, but it is the first I'm releasing!

In this story, Reikk investigates a series of disappearances in a small village. What he unravels is a complex plot involving magic, gods, legends... and have I mentioned magic? Lots and lots of it!

The novella is available as a free download for anyone who subscribes to my newsletter.

NOUVELLES - TOME 2 : 1955-1982

This volume includes the fourth printing of my translation of Jack Vance's novella ''The augmented agent.''

This is a collection published by French small press Le Bélial which had originally published my translation in their popular magazine Bifrost (2003) and in a previous collection titled ''Monstres sur orbite'' (2005.) The latter was then reprinted by major French publisher Pocket in 2009.

If you read French, you can still get a copy of this from the publisher's website here: Le Belial.


This is a double CD from Serge Barbaro, his second release under the Skeem moniker.

I wrote the lyrics for 8 of the 15 tracks (all in English.)

For those wondering, this is progressive rock, and more specifically in the 'neo prog' vein.

Read the lyrics.

You can order it here: ... Just suggesting


A modern edit of the classic Lewis Carroll story, which includes:

  • Alice's adventures in Wonderland
  • Through the looking glass
  • The hunting of the Snark (poem)
In addition, the book offers a number of brand new and exclusive content, as follows:

  • reviews
  • interviews with some of the characters
  • various articles
  • a biography of the author
  • a bibliography of his works
Get the ebook now from Amazon.


In the summer of 2012, the popular and beloved French Science-Fiction author Roland C. Wagner was killed in a tragic car accident.

We had met many times in the past--he was one of the first two authors I ever interviewed (the other was Norman Spinrad)--and we had stayed in touch over the years. He was kind, fun, generous, passionate, knowledgeable and talented.

French fandom was very shaken by his passing--as was I--and I felt compelled to write this in his memory.

I tried, as much as possible, to capture his spirit and writing style.

This novella is only available in French, and only in digital format.

If you read French, you can get it right here.

NOTE: The word 'chanson' means 'song.' So the title of the book is a reference to both Roland himself (who loved music and even had his own band) and to the classic tale of the same name (my story being structured in much the same way.)

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