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Looking for a translator?
Then you've come to the right place!

I have over 20 years of experience in the French Science-Fiction/Fantasy publishing industry -- as a writer, a translator and an editor. I've worked mostly freelance while having day jobs on the side.

With the quick expansion of the self-publishing market, I am launching myself on a new adventure as a full-time freelance translator.

My specialties include fiction (especially SF and Fantasy) and film/TV-related non fiction material, though I am very open to other genres (crime, history, etc.)

  Alex S. Garcia  


I am a French-English bilingual and thus can translate in both directions.

If you are a self-published author and have never considered translating your works, you really should! Admittedly this could be a daunting and risky venture if you're just starting out or have trouble selling your books. If, however, you already have a decent fanbase, then translating your books could significantly increase your income.

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