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Translation experience

I first started translating short stories for various French Science-Fiction/Fantasy fanzines in the mid-90's. The highlight of this period was when I translated the contents of a whole issue of The world of H.P. Lovecraft, a Lee Thomas fanzine dedicated to the famous author.

I went on to work with some of the major professional genre magazines and publishers in France, such as Bifrost and Galaxies, translating texts from Jack Vance, Michael Moorcock, Brian Aldiss and Mike Resnick, among others.

  Au coeur de la nuit
in Galaxies HS: Mundanes
June 2010
Translation of ''Into the night'' (2008)
A short story by Anil Menon
Profession Science-Fiction : magie et scène nue
in Bifrost #33
January 2004

This was the first French translation of a 1974 article by Brian Aldiss, initially published in Foundation #6 under the title ''Magic and bare boards''.

  Le syndrome de l'homme augmenté
in Bifrost hors série n°2: Les univers de Jack Vance
September 2003
Translation of ''The augmented agent / I-C-a-BeM'' (1961)
A short story by Jack Vance.

This has been my most popular translation so far, having had three reprints.

  in Monstres sur orbite (collection)
May 2005
Editions Le Bélial'
    in Monstres sur orbite (collection)
November 2009 reprint
Editions Pocket
    in Nouvelles - tome 2 : 1955-1982 (collection)
March 2019
Editions Le Bélial'

De la faculté de l'être humain à s'adapter aux milieux exotiques
in Bifrost #29
January 2003
Translation of ''Environment problem'' (1973)
A short story by Michael Moorcock.

A fun 'contract with the Devil' type story from Michael Moorcock that had never been published in France before.

  Racines... et quelques vignes
in Bifrost #5
May 1997

In 1997, I conducted an interview with author Mike Resnick that was published in this issue of Bifrost. But Mike offered to take things further by giving us an exclusive: an as yet never before published article he had written about his career, which I happily translated.

Mike's piece was published in its original English version by Wildside Press, two years later (1999), as Roots... and a few vines: my life in Science Fiction in "A safari of the mind".

Les inédits de la Hammer Films
in Fantastyka #8
May 1995

My first professional translation was of a large dossier about Hammer Films that made the cover.

This magazine was a short-lived offshoot of the more popular L'Ecran Fantastique for which I have also done some writing assignments.


Over the years, I also conducted many interviews in English which I translated into French, including:

  • Majel Barrett Roddenberry (TV actress and producer)
  • Steven Brust (author)
  • C.J. Cherryh (author)
  • Steve Englehart (comic book writer)
  • Daniel Gildenlow (singer of Pain of Salvation)
  • Stephan Lill (guitarist of Vanden Plas)
  • Christopher Monger (film director)
  • Mike Resnick (author)
  • Norman Spinrad (author)
  • John E. Stith (author)
  • Bryce Zabel (TV writer and producer)

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